Vamos Spain

In Vamos Spain, the emphasis is on discipling, church planting, and the best features of Mediterranean culture. In Spain, your view of missions will expand in a new way. Different cities and churches call for evangelization and ministry. In Vamos Spain, we familiarize ourselves with teamwork, opportunities for missionary work, and reaching unreached people groups. In the course, your mission path will become clearer and you will dare to boldly take the next step in God’s plan for you.

What is Vamos Mission?

Vamos Mission is a 12-week discipling missionary course in Spain. It is a mixture of missionary theory and practice. Throughout the course, theory and practice go hand in hand. Vamos helps participants proceed with their calling and guides them to practical work in the missions. Vamos Mission helps participants forward with their calling and guides them to practical work in the missions. The course encourages all participants and strengthens their calling, whether it is clear and strong or young and emergent.

To whom

Vamos Mission is for you who are over 18 and want to serve God and find your place in His plan. Vamos is a step in God´s guidance for you. Let your faith become deeper and your vision be strengthened through the mission course. Start the adventure of your life in the plan of God – your adventure can start in Spain!

There is no upper age limit for the course. It is also possible to participate with a family.

What can you achieve

The Vamos Mission course can help you to find God´s plan for your life. If your calling is indefinite, it will become clearer. If your calling is clear, it will become even stronger. Vamos Mission is a path, where your calling to the missions will become concrete in an international environment created by local Spanish churches and people from various countries.

At Vamos you will be equipped with concrete tools to fulfill your mission (Kairos, Al-Massira, Davar etc.). Your relationship with God will deepen and you will concentrate on working in the lead of the Holy Spirit. The companionship with your mentors, teachers, fellow students and local churches will strengthen the calling and its implementation.

The best thing about Vamos Mission was the variety of subjects, which allowed me to learn as much as possible. It was a privilege to be at Vamos, because in my daily life I would never have time to study missions so intensively and live my daily life with people who share the same calling.

Katri, Vamos Mission 2022

Learning about the different forms of missionary work and the experiences of missionaries formed a great whole in Vamos. Each of them opened my eyes to see more and more paths. There are many ways to spread the gospel. There is no single path, but each person who responds to the call has his or her own path.

Rebecca, Vamos Mission 2021


The Vamos Mission course strats every September. This year course begins in September (9.9.2024) and lasts until December (1.12.2024). 


The course will take place on the East Coast of Spain near the city of Torrevieja. Outreach trips of one or several days to interesting sites are also included in the course. The study facilities are located in local churches.


Course Contents

  • Personal relationship with God, how to serve under the guidance of the Holy Spirit
  • Leadership training for short term missions
  • Missiology and new church planting
  • Kairos, Al Massira and Davar courses
  • Child and youth work
  • Outreach trips to interesting sites
  • Practical training based on the studied theories

Teaching language is english

The weekly program varies; some weeks are theory focused when other weeks contain more practical work in villages and local churches.


Teachers at Vamos Mission course are experienced missionaries, and professionals in their fields. The course is organised by Fida International Ry.

Pictures from Vamos course


The Vamos Mission course costs:

  • Early bird price until 28.6.2024 is 2300€
  • Price increases to 2500€ from 29.6.2024

Price includes:

  • High quality education and materials,
  • Accommodation
  • A hot meal, coffee and snacks on school days.
  • Personal mentor during the course

Not included:

  • Flights to Spain and back
  • Outreach trip during course (Price will be around 300-500€/person)
  • Transport between the accommodation and the church

How to apply?

Send your application in English (or Finnish)  HERE Enclose your CV and a church recommendation. All the applications will be reviewed, and the applicants will be interviewed before selection.

Applications should arrive by 18.8.2024. However, the application period may expire earlier if the number of participants is filled.

Further information

For further information on the Vamos Mission course, please contact Marjo Hallapuro +358 (0)44 2702 835 or by email:

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