What is Vamos Training?

Vamos Training is an internship program that gives you a possibility to practise missionary work in Spain. Vamos Training is a nonstop mission training, that you can apply for all year round. The duration of the practical training is between 1-24 months. Vamos Training encourages you in your calling and helps you to find the God-given strengths in you.

To whom

Vamos Training is meant for Christians over the age of 18, who want to see and experience what missionary work is all about. The training period may be volunteer work, or an internship related to studies.

Why to go

Vamos Training period will give you a unique experience in missionary work. In the practical training you will work with diverse tasks among different ethnic groups, together with a mission team, local churches and other interns. As a part of the team, you will learn to act in God’s guidance trusting in the lead of the Holy Spirit

Pictures from Vamos course

The content of Vamos Training

The practical training includes diverse work in churches, on streets and within pioneer projects. Tasks are chosen according to each intern´s strengths and the needs of the area.


You can apply for Vamos Training throughout the year. The length of the practical training will be agreed individually with each intern.


The practical training will take place on the East Coast of Spain, mainly in the areas of Alicante and Murcia. The suitable site will be agreed with each trainee individually.

How to apply?

Send an application (in English) HERE. Enclose your CV and a church recommendation. All applicants will be interviewed. Interns will participate an introductiory day of Fida before the practical training.

The costs of the practical training

The trainee is responsible for the costs of the practise period (travel, accommodation, food etc.). The Spanish price level is a little lower than the one in Finland. You can also ask your home church for financial support. Further information: fidashort@fida.fi

Further information

For further information on Vamos Training, please contact the Spanish Mission Training Coordinator Marjo Hallapuro marjo.hallapuro@fida.info (+358 44 2702835)

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